Elon Musk will cancel the purchase agreement with Twitter


One of the most controversial news a few months ago was the purchase of Twitter Elon Musk, A decision that many users around the world do not agree with. Days have elapsed since the relevant agreement was reached, and the acquisition was confirmed canceled a few minutes ago due to differences.

This information has been known in the media BloombergBecause the businessman’s advisers sent him to the company for this announcement Musk Moving away from the 44,000 million transaction. The billionaire confirmed that the decision was reached because the contract requirements for bots and spam had not been met.

In fact, a few days ago The Washington Post Commenting that the purchase was in jeopardy, he commented because of this breach Musk Through his official contact with the company. They have assured that the proportion of the account is 5%, something that the traders claimed before taking possession while handling the money.


The terms mentioned in April included that anyone withdrawing from the agreed agreement would have to pay compensation to another agency or subject, including a 1,000 million fine. That calculation Musk You have to pay if you want to follow your procedure, otherwise there could be a legal battle between the two.

Despite all this, Twitter is still keen to honor the agreement reached a few months ago. For now, Musk He indicated that the agreement had been terminated, and that the reason could be somewhat misleading, adding that he would take care of spam and bots himself.

In response to the cancellation of the contract, Twitter Claiming Musk.

In a tweet, President Brett Taylor wrote:

The Twitter board is committed to stopping transactions with Mr. Musk at agreed prices and conditions and plans to take legal action to enforce the consolidation agreement, we will win in the Delaware Court of Chancery.

Via: Bloomberg


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