Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp: Everything changes for Zuckerberg’s app Desperate user


The Zuckerberg giant’s three Prince apps continue to record crazy numbers. But there is a news of the last hour that is not good for the users of the social networks in question. Here are all the details

The party meta Going to be the most admired and admired on the entire web Over the years, Mark Zuckerberg has managed to set up a practically perfect system, consisting of services that can fully meet the needs of users.

Bad news for those who are used to using the Meta platform. Cost escalation (Adobe Stock)

There are classics for more adults FacebookThere are also post-stories and private messages for those who want to exploit InstagramFor those who want to text and call in real time WhatsApp. The news in the studio by the team of developers is different, and will make the three platforms more complete.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp: Bad news for users

However, it must be said that this is actually happening with different realities, across all three platforms Mark Zuckerberg They are not having one of the best times ever when it comes to ad spend. As reported by The Verge, the incident was apparently targeted upper floor of the meter, Who are now studying some counterattacks to escalate the situation. In fact, it seems that an exclusively designed team has been set up For new product development.

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Here’s what you need to know about it (Adobe Stock)

Department will be called New monetization experience and will be managed by experts Roy Chowdhury. “We see opportunities for new products, features and experiences that people are willing to pay for” Explained the vice president of the organization John Hageman. Therefore, the idea is to insert paid features for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

This is in addition to the changes signed with Apple to address the various contractions the sector is facing, which gives consumers the possibility not to provide detailed information to advertisers. “SIf you have a five-year time frame, I think that can really move the needle and make a pretty significant differenceHagemann himself pressed, explaining how the project in question It should be able to bring immediate and tangible benefits In the entire meta group. We’ll see how the situation develops and if we can actually talk about an upgrade.

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