Fans are not happy with PlayStation Stars Atomics



PlayStation Stars work in four tiers, each depending on the number of games you’ve purchased and the trophies you’ve earned. From one to three, you should be able to get a digital image that you can display. But recently it came to light Those in the highest category will be given priority for customer support. What is mentioned about it is:

“You’ll get a commemorative collectible and you’ll be able to use all level 1-3 collectibles. When you contact PlayStation Customer Service, you will be able to prioritize chat orders.”

This means that people who spend more money and spend more time on PlayStation games can attend more quickly if they have a problem. As expected, Users around the world are not happy with this decision. At the moment we are only talking about Asia, there is a possibility that this option will not be available in other regions, but there is no more information about it at the moment.

On a related note, PlayStation has announced a new collaboration with Call of Duty. Similarly, the manager ensures that PlayStation Plus will serve to give new life to their games.


Editor’s note:

Fans have a right to be angry. Customer service is a very important thing, and prioritizing everyone who spends the most money is something that should not happen. Let’s hope that PlayStation takes these criticisms into account and changes it as soon as possible.

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