Farewell Waze, everything stopped for the famous navigator We will never see him again


Among the various navigation systems currently present on Android and iOS, one cannot fail to mention Waze. However, there is bad news affecting all users of the platform

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible for a motorist not to use a navigation system. it could be Google Maps or Apple Maps, All the apps made available to the users have several interesting features. Just think driving directions, street views, location information and user reviews.

In a blow to Waze users, one of its best services will soon stop working (Adobe Stock)

Between these two great giants, there is one reality that continues to grow and does not seem to want to stop: we are talking Waze. The alternative system offers some unique tools that allow it to stand out from the competition. For example, reporting in real time Any speed camera. There was another feature that seemed to be getting more and more popular, but apparently something went wrong.

Waze, a company tool will stop working forever

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Here are all the details about it, including all the reasons for the lawsuit (Adobe Stock)

Despite the ever-increasing numbers, the company has made available a service that will soon stop working. We are talking specifically about Waze carpoolThe exotic app has become what it is after many years, a series of experiments and various attempts By the development team. The software in question worked somewhat like this Blabla carEmpowering ordinary users Share your car Save for specific categories and gasoline prices.

Waze has always specified that Will does not have to put himself on the same level Uber e Lyft, Rather to provide an eco-sustainable option for app users. Or rather, they used it. Everything was active Brazil, Israel and the United States, but now something has changed. It seems real Pandemic emergency And all applicable restrictions have forced Waze to review its plans. Data is gradually decreasing, making it unnecessary to continue investing in a project apparently without a future. However, the same company has assured that they will come Study alternative solutions To allow users to move around in an eco-sustainable and intelligent way. We’ll see what happens from this and if everything will make it to Italy as well.

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