Film Friday: Photographer uses a rarely adapted French cinema lens on his Leica M3


One of the most beautiful aspects of film photography is its rich history. Despite the fact that photography is really only a century old technology, at least for the general public, there are many varied lenses that you can adapt to with a wide range of analog cameras.

As reported by 35mmcPhotographer Border Srivastava Recently discovered how varied and unique Optic Search can be when searching for a new portrait lens for its Leica M3. Srivastava wanted a 75mm lens because it would work as a 100mm lens on his Leica M8.2 digital rangefinder.

As it turns out, Srivastava happened in a very unusual lens For sale Latent image Shrusbari, in the United Kingdom. The specialty film photography store was selling a French SOM Berthiet 75mm cinema lens. The lens was converted from C Mount to M Mount, and Srivastava believes that there could not be many more lenses like this, probably none.

SOM Berthiot, which manufactures shorthand, C and D mount motion picture lenses of the Société d’Optique et de Mécanique Berthiot. Its lenses were designed for amateur, and professional use, and the company won an award in 1958 for ‘Scientific Achievement’ from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. SOM Berthiet lenses are quite rare and popular among collectors.

The lens that Srivastava bought was designed for the H-16 Bolex Cine camera in the late 1950s. The lens is not particularly large and its usability has proven to be quite excellent. Srivastava says that most of the time, he uses lenses at F2.5 or F2.8. ‘There’s a lot of bignetting but it doesn’t bother me,’ he wrote. ‘I think the pictures look classic.’

Srivastava continued, ‘Needless to say, this is my favorite lens and I myself use my other M-mount lenses much less.’ To see a few more sample shots, go 35mmc. You can see more photography of Rajat Srivastava on it Website And Instagram.

IMag Credit: Border Srivastava

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