Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Square Enix shows the mother in the cloud in new artwork and images.



With the release of the mamma festival, Square Enix decides to condone a series of dedicated images. mamma di cloud. If you treat a work of art, because of the images Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the original Final Fantasy 7 for PlayStation.

The mother in the cloud is chiama Claudia, but the gioco origin is not even a vero and proprietor name. The persona was not like “Claudia” just inside the Square Enix document. In the remake of Final Fantasy 7, Perry, the person has got a little bit of spazy and his name is given to 100% canonical. We even saw the faux pas, which evolved from the original era was just a block of poligoni and not even a definite design.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, more in general, if occupying the original gioco. Dovremo even capire con and futuri capitoli quando diversa sarĂ  la trama.

In a nutshell, we could continue the debate with the first remake, thanks to her PC version. If you look at the state, you can use a mod for texture from 4K to 45 GB.


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