Finally it has reached Samsung: the most requested innovation of the moment


This weeks great news at Samsung. The South Korean company, after launching its new folding models, is now working to enrich the services on its Galaxy devices already in the market.

About a month ago today, Samsung Introduce the new to the general public Galaxy Flip 4 e Fold 4. The company’s top-of-the-range leaflets are already recording significant numbers and aim to once again lead the sector. But the work of the South Korean giant certainly does not stop here, on the contrary.

Big news is also coming for the Galaxy S21 series concern from Samsung (Adobe stock).

We have to think about “classic” smartphones as much as the latest smartphones Galaxy S22 And other models in the range were introduced in previous years Especially on the software side, with the operating system Android Which prepares to update itself and, as a result, “forces” the team of developers to make extra efforts to please their users.

Galaxy S21, Samsung continues to work on Android 13 beta

galaxy s21 android 20220901
Android 13 beta is available, currently only for users living in the UK (YouTube screenshot)

and i later Galaxy S22, The turn has come for this too Galaxy S21, S21+ ed S21 Ultra To taste many new features designed by Google Android 13. The newly updated operating system was unveiled a few weeks ago and by the end of the year, it should reach all major brands that have been using Big G’s software for years. Private company, with all necessary modifications and customizations.

Samsung recently launched the beta program One UI 5.0 Even on models released last year. Thanks to firmware version G99xBXXU5ZVHE it is possible to preview some changes designed by the team of developers. The updated weight is About 2 GB And already available for all unlocked devices

To be able to try the news now, you need to install the app Samsung members and log in with your personal account. There is a banner that advertises the beta and where you can register your device When the process is complete, The download will start automatically. At least for the moment, however, the program is only available to residential users United Kingdom. We’ll see if everything rolls out to the rest of the world in the next few weeks from here or we’ll have to wait straight for the release of the stable version. Samsung will reveal itself in this regard.

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