Fortnite will have a Lady Gaga concert


Big things happened in the world FortniteIt clearly includes seasonal terms and chapters Epic Games Closed and opened from time to time. However, there are also interactive experiences like concerts, as we have already seen Travis Scott, Ariana Grande And now they’re talking Lady Gaga.

Although not confirmed, there are indications that the singer will have a major role in the game. This discovery Fortnite leaks and information, with files for a new sensation called “Jug Band”. If four players use this emote at the same time, they will create a melody that covers the Poker Face song.

Besides, Epic Games The musicians’ choice was announced through a statement Lady Gaga will be at the event Rainbow Royale. For now, his music is expected to play on the in-game radio, but the emote suggests there will be more to it than that. This will be the main clue that will indicate a show by the singer as the event.

Lady Gaga can come to Fortnite!

A new collaborative emote has been added to this update called “Jug Band” and when 4 players are involved it sounds just like their hit song “Poker Face”!

For now only this collaboration is known Fortnite y Lady Gaga Emoticons and the appearance of their theme song on the radio.

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