Goodbye Stadia: Google is shutting down the streaming service


Another product in the Google graveyard

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Streaming service Stadia on the brink of collapse: Google will finally shut down the cloud gaming service next year. It confirms what many already feared.

As part of the Game Developers Conference 2019, Google announced Streaming service Stadia Shown for the first time. At the time, Stadia launched with high expectations, because Google After all, it wanted to appeal to billions of gamers. It quickly became clear that these goals were ambitious. A developer studio was set up specifically for the service. However, the studio was already canceled in 2021 along with other projects.

Google Stadia should change the gaming landscape forever (Image: Google)

Now it’s time for a real streaming service. Google has announced that Stadia will only be available until then 18 January 2023 can be used. The service will be final only after the end of that day set. However, there is good news for existing customers: the manufacturer will pay all customers their money refund. This applies to all games purchased through the Stadia Store, as well as any Stadia hardware purchased through the Google Store.

All purchases are refundable

According to Google, it should take some time to get the refund. Accordingly, one expects that Payment by mid-January will be done. Apparently, the payment should be made automatically without any further steps. Along with the announcement, the Stadia Store was also shut down, which means that no new (in-game) purchases are possible. Stadia Pro subscribers can access their purchased games even after the expiration date.

Dedicated hardware was also created for Stadia (Image: Google)

Stadia vice president Phil Harrison has already commented on the latter in a blog post. So this is special lack of interest There was a reason. The service failed to gain the traction Google expected The company announced that all team members will be shifted to other areas. Stadia finally joins one Long list Removed from Google products. More recently, it has also affected the manufacturer’s Pixelbook division.


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