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Big news is coming to Google Assistant. 9to5 According to what Google has discovered, there will be a feature for custom voice recognition

For several years, Google Decided to focus too much on her voice assistant. A tool variety present Android device Turn it on Nest hub, Gives users the ability to issue all types of commands using their own voice. And soon everything will be more precise, at least according to what was discovered by the 9to5Google portal.

The Google Assistant service will soon be enriched with a very useful feature for voice recognition (Adobe Stock).

In fact, it seems to be a feature. “Personalized speech recognition“Simply put, it’s a kind of strategy that will help the system better understand the speaker’s voice. With the immediate benefits visible to everyone.

Google Assistant, all details of new features for voice recognition

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The system will use local audio files (Adobe Stock) to better refine the recognition of correct words and names.

Is called Personalized speech recognition, And new features that will be added to Google Assistant soon “Store audio recordings on this device so that Google Assistant can better recognize what you say. Audio files are stored on this device and can be moved at any time, disabling custom speech detection.“It simply came to our notice then In a description that came up.

Simply put, refine the concept locally Different models of speech recognition They are present on the device, so that they can adapt to any kind of interaction in any way. For example, it will improve the understanding of the exact names or words that are often used. At least for the moment, however, the novelty will be available exclusively In English. As is often the case in this case, the global rollout in the coming months will almost certainly come in Italian. The option can be used in both Smartphones and tablets Than Google Nest. There is no news about the possible release time, but everything suggests that it is a matter of days now. At least in English-speaking countries.

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