Google Maps changes forever with this feature: it will be closer to reality! –


Big news coming to Google Maps. The navigation platform is forever getting ready to update and change, with a new feature that will make everything more real Here are the details of the new update scheduled

For several years, Google Focusing on updating its ecosystem as much as possible and building it step by step with time. Apart from the apps that have been available for some time already, many more have been added to guarantee their consumers virtually complete coverage of all their needs. Constantly improving with tweaks, without forgetting core services In terms of functionality and design.

Google Maps will soon be able to access a feature that will bring the app closer to reality (Adobe Stock)

In the past few hours, some important developments have been announced that will be particularly concerning Google Maps. The update will be available for all types of devices, obviously starting from smartphones and PCs. The update will address concerns for users’ connectivity and personal security, but not only. There are bike routes and a tool that will allow the service to be limited to reality.

Google Maps, photorealistic aerial view is coming: what is it?

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Here are all the details about it (unflash).

Among the many innovations coming forward Google Mapsthere is new Photorealistic aerial view. Simply put, through the app per smartphone or per PC It will be possible to view images showing the main points of interest from above The goal is to provide some sort of preview of the sites you decide to include Plan a real trip.

At least for the first time, everything will be limited to the most important cities in the world. In this case Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon, New YorkBut also San Francisco e Tokyo. Big G has already stated that it aims to expand as quickly as possible, reaching other major cities as soon as possible. Until now it is actually possible to use the tool. Just search for one of the cities listed above from your smartphone and access the section picture. Different aerial views created directly by Google will be proposed here. And we’re not talking about simple images, but about content with whom you can communicate. The rollout was done globally and on both Android and iOS. You don’t need to update the app to access it now.

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