Google Maps now includes community info from local experts



(Pocket-lint) – Google has added the ability for the community to leave information to Google Maps, meaning you can now see info from local experts on places you’re visiting. 

This essentially means that as well as information on a local spot that’s been added by the business owner, you’ll also be able to see updates from people who have been there recently. This is potentially a useful way to get timely updates to somewhere you’re going to make sure you don’t arrive disappointed. 

Imagine travelling somewhere only to find it’s closed for maintenance or the opening times have changed and you can’t get in. Perfectly plausible in 2020 where the world is all topsy turvy.

Now Google Maps is alleviating some of that misery by improving the Explore tab within Google maps. Within this area of the app, you’ll now be able to get “updates and recommendations from trusted local sources…” and that will not just include reviews, but also photos, posts and more. If you see updates from people you like then you can follow them for more in future. Articles from relevant publishers will also make an appearance here. 

Google explains:

“Every day, you can come to your feed to see what’s happening in your area. Wondering if your favorite Mexican restaurant has added a new dish to the menu? If you follow them on Maps, you’ll get their updates in your feed. Looking for a new nearby hike or a popular day trip near your city? Browse the feed for top recommendations of things to do from Google Maps users in that area. By panning and zooming the map, you can find helpful information for almost any location in the world, thanks to contributions from in-the-know locals.”

The end result should be much less disappointment when travelling to places you’re not familiar with. What more could you ask for in 2020?

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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