Google Pixel Tablet: First check if its software is running



Google Pixel Tablet: First check if its software is running

We already know quite a bit about what the future Google Pixel tablet will be: we know that it will have an aluminum body with a ceramic coating, that it can be attached to a dock to be used as a smart screen via Google Home, that its screen will be 11 inches and so on will include Android 13 As the operating system.

Thanks to Google itself now too We have a first glimpse of what your software will be up and running, thanks to some screen recordings that the Mountain View company saw fit to show itself. Among them we see the keyboard shortcuts that are included in Google Keep on Android and a drag and drop function for Google Sheets.

This is how the Pixel tablet software works

Google Pixel Tablet, Screen

The first tablet in the Pixel series uses Android 13 as its operating system.

There’s the Google Workspace team Its app is being updated for the big screen since last May. Work continues, and Google Keep has seen keyboard shortcuts added to its Android version. The idea is to keep the quick note-taking app compatible with the Google Keep experience on the web.

The company provided a GIF image (which you can see below) of which You can see this feature. The recordings are taken from what appears to be a Pixel tablet, which we already know will have a resolution of 2560 x 1600. The resolution of this GIF is 674 x 421, which, when enlarged 3.8 times, reaches the screen of a Google tablet.

Google Pixel Tablet: First check if its software is running

See keyboard shortcuts on Pixel tablets

Attracts attention Status bar height. The icons are further away from the edge of the screen than on the phone. The empty space is occupied by a button for switching accounts, which is an element This is already seen on the Android 13 lock screen For Pixel phones.

The taskbar is equally tall, and the application window Shows rounded bottom edges. In the first recording we see the thematic icons that we have already seen as part of the Android 13 news.

The second recording has a resolution of 512 x 320 which, when scaled up 5 times, also gives us the resolution of the Pixel tablet. We see it Drag and drop function From Google Sheets to Google Docs. Both applications are running simultaneously for multitasking mode.

Google Pixel Tablet: First check if its software is running

Drag and drop functionality from Google Sheets to Google Docs

usually, We’ll keep an eye out for more news. For now, it looks like Android 13L will be very promising.

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