Google: Update now, everything changes this month


Google changes everything and is preparing to launch a very important new update. We advise you to proceed with the download and installation of the update as soon as possible, to enjoy the news designed by the company

Google It is recognized for a company that frequently launches various updates for its main services. Attention to detail that certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by users, who continue to appreciate Big G’s work And they support it every day by using Mountain View brand programs and apps.

Google updates itself again and asks all its users to go ahead with the new update. We advise you to proceed as soon as possible for real improvement

And now it’s time for another update which is better not to miss. The Global rollout It should be up and running in the next few days. We advise you to be very alert when it becomes available, perhaps a pop-up notification will notify you. Use the latest news to enjoy Improvements planned by the development team.

Google Play Store, October 2022 update coming soon

Just a few hours ago, on the support site Google A post with major innovations conceived by the latest has been published Google Play System Update.

Play Store 20221007
Here’s what you need to know about it, including bug fixes and a system that has been overhauled in detail (Adobe Stock).

“The reference is October 2022, which suggests that others will arrive in the coming months. The update concerns both the Play Store and Play Services, with improvements that will affect many types of devices. These include Smartphones, tablets, Android TV devices and Google TV. But also Android Auto, Wear OS and Chrome OS.

Among the major improvements, they were first and foremost stationary Some bugs for TV. On the Play Store side, features have been added to search for apps and games, in addition to tweaks for service optimization and Play Protect. For system management, on the other hand, the main services available have been updated. If you want to proceed immediately with the installation of the update, you should go Settings and then Google. Here you will find other sections including System Service Updates. So you can proceed with the download and subsequent installation of the software. If you don’t have it available yet, don’t despair: it should be a matter of days. We recommend you to update your device immediately, So that you can enjoy the changes designed by Big G.

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