Grand Theft Auto V Mod for PC is similar to Grand Theft Auto VI


GTA Five

screenshot: Natural Vision Remastered

We wrote about the changes Natural view for yearlong approx Grand Theft Auto V It was shown on PC and it never ceases to amaze us every time we revisit the project.

Basically a mod designed to slightly alter the game’s graphics for the most discerning PC users, NaturalVision It was fixed in 2017 as Naturalvision RemasteredAnd since then, it’s evolved — and made tremendous progress.

Back then, I was very impressed with the cars with more detail and great lighting. Now… now clean my socks. This trailer, released earlier today, is not only a great showcase of everything the mod has to offer right now, but it helpfully pauses at a few points and provides a head-to-head comparison with the vanilla game to show you the range and scope of some of these mods in action. .

The brilliant graphics are definitely the first and foremost thing to look at here, everything from the lighting effects to the scaled up textures are absolutely stunning. But I also like some things that might not be obvious when you play the game, but are still a really nice touch. Like looking at building interiors, which means that when you walk or fly over a building, those interiors change their perspective when you look at their windows to match yours.

Fully animated banners also bring the game to life, especially at night, when the game’s weather, environmental color palette, ground textures, and vegetation were changed to “blur the line between fantasy and reality.”

If you want to download the early access version of the mod as of now, you can download it from Razed’s Patreon page, head of the Ministry of Defense Development. Also credit where credit is due Denis Sitarsky “Icewhip”Who put this beautiful trailer together.

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