Hackers reveal vulnerable Uber security Atomics


It has come to light again Uber has been compromised. On this occasion, the security forces were attacked A hacker who set out to expose the poor stability of this company’s servicesand protests against current behavior towards drivers.

Unlike the attacks it endured in 2016, and revealed five years later, this time the company came clean, and revealed via its Twitter account that On 15 September they suffered an attack that exposed the company. This information came into Uber’s hands after the hacker accessed the company’s Slack and revealed its intentions.

“Currently, we are responding to a cyber security incident. We are in contact with law enforcement and will post additional updates here as they become available.”

Rather than exposing user data, it appears that this attack focused on exposing the company. According to the Washington Post, Hackers have access to a large number of internal company networks. Here it is noted that drivers who tried to access the company’s media were redirected to a pornographic page.

In a post on the HackerOne site, the accused noted that Uber’s security is “painful” and All this was achieved through an employee’s business email. Along with this, it has been pointed out that this is a kind of proposal for the treatment given to drivers during the pandemic. In related matters, Samsung has also been hit by hacker attacks.


Through: The Washington Post

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