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Xiaomi and Leica present a special smartphone concept, thanks to a special feature that catches the eye of photographers

xiaomi It continues to focus strongly on the photographic sector of smartphones. On the other hand, the latest releases from the Shenzhen manufacturer have fully confirmed the brand’s attitude towards photographic innovation with a one-inch sensor (see Xiaomi 12S Ultranever came to Italy but which could inspire the next Xiaomi 13 Pro in the future) and the 200 megapixel camera (Xiaomi 12T Pro)

Xiaomi (AdobeStock)

Now the Chinese company is ready for a further qualitative leap, albeit theoretically. It was, in fact, a news story in the last few hours idea one’s Smartphones with interchangeable lenses (And so, a product non for sale purposes). However, this is not a complete innovation, considering that already in 2013 some similar projects and experiments began to be circulated.

In that case, it was sony Visualizing a very specific smartphone from a photographic perspective, designing the objective (iconic QX) will be placed behind a mobile device, such as a smartphone. A project that did not fully convince, however, the equipment designed by the manufacturer (in fact QX) did not really rise to the objectives, but rather a more “simple” product equipped with a sensor that sends images through a smartphone. WiFi. Given the sensitivity of wireless networks, especially in terms of lag.

Xiaomi and Leica present a smartphone concept with interchangeable lenses

After about ten years, xiaomi Decides to brush up on the idea for a special partnership with it leicaA brand with which the Chinese company has cooperated with profit from the series Xiaomi 12S, exclusive to Asia so far. The smartphone is very rich in technical specifications, with two one-inch sensors (probably, Sony IMX989 applied to 12S Ultra) and a M series connection which allows you to attach a Leica lens module to the rear.

The video below demonstrates the lens, Module ASH Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4Competently combined with some software features especially dedicated to professionals, such as 10-bit RAW shooting and histogram.

But the problem is, this time it is not a product of flesh and blood, but only a idea, perhaps conceived by Xiaomi and Leica to show the public the possibility of a partnership and, who knows, set the course for the future. Different brands strategy at the growing center of smartphone photography.


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