Here’s a new look at the anime of Chainsaw Man Atomics


As we approach the end of the year, many are wondering when we will have more information about the long-awaited anime. Chainsaw Man. Fortunately, our wait is almost over, as A new preview reveals the date where more details about the adaptation will be shared

Recently, the official MAPPA accounts on social networks released a promotional image in which we can see Denji in his Chainsaw Man form stands atop the rubbleWhen blood is pouring out everywhere.


Informed about the expected progress, Dr A new trailer for this anime will be shared on August 5. Considering the adaptation is slated to release sometime this year, it’s likely that this new look will confirm the release date. Chainsaw Man.

On a related topic, its manga Chainsaw Man is back with a new chapter. Similarly, we already know where this anime will be aired.


Editor’s note:

Chainsaw Man is spectacular, and considering the great work MAPPA has done with it Attack on Titan y Jujutsu Kaisen, I can’t wait to see how this adaptation plays out. Best of all, we won’t see censorship.

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