Here’s the Forcite MK1S, the smart helmet that every (or almost) motorcyclist will love –



No need to look for a new helmet for your motorcycle: Forcite has one for us because of what it has to offer. Why did he become so famous?

Here's the Forcite MK1S, the smart helmet that every (or almost) motorcyclist will love
This helmet is awesome –

The story of Foresight and its smart helmet

Today we want to talk to you about Forcite, a unique company that has managed to stand out from the rest due to its special innovation. He talks about it Alfred BoadgisThe co-founder and CEO of the company, who tells us about the birth of his great company and the unfortunate events that lie beyond their past, allowed him to find inspiration for its birth:

Foresight was born in 2013 when I had an accident with my motorcycle. I took a turn, slipped on an oil slick and broke my knee badly in three places. The helmet I was wearing had a camera attached to it that completely broke. Hence the concept of Forcite: predict the future, understand what will happen, hence the name Forcite for the company

In the community of motorcyclists, today, there are more than eight thousand men who have given life to the evolved version with their valuable suggestions,MK1S, exactly. Marco Achilli, Forcite’s Managing Director EMEA, spoke on the matter and told us that:

We are distinguished by a great customer experience for the customer. So we will do a lot of work on community by country, we will start with Italy right after England but we don’t want to do too many countries at once because we want to keep the customer experience at a certain level.

The best reason to buy a new smart product: Specifications

Here's the Forcite MK1S, the smart helmet that every (or almost) motorcyclist will love
If you’re interested in buying it, it won’t hurt to do so –

But what is the new Foresight helmet made of? It was made of a carbon fiber shell, guaranteeing rigidity and lightness and with signature intercom audio Herman Kardon With removable speakers. There are 8 well-distributed air intakes, an app with integrated navigator and the ability to reproduce road markings on the top of the chin guard.

This is made possible by a series of LEDs which however also come into play when reporting impending danger, accidents, adverse weather, a speed camera or police assistance. But the MK1S, beyond that Technology With what it is made of, it is very light: 1.5 kg, moreover it attracts attention for its appropriate aesthetics, the design is not enviable from every point of view.

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