Here’s what happens when they sell you a phone without WhatsApp: The story shocked everyone



A somewhat unusual episode that immediately caught everyone’s interest. If they sell you a phone without WhatsApp, this can happen. Here’s what you need to know about it

The Messaging platform They’ve been an essential tool on virtually anyone’s smartphone for a few years now. There are several and, among unique functions and exceptional tools, they allow you to send messages, exchange multimedia content, audio notes, documents and more.

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An episode that is incredible. Selling phones without WhatsApp? Here’s What Happens (Adobe Stock)

They are all free, and can be installed by Easy Access Play Store from Android or App Store from iPhone. The most used app without a doubt WhatsApp, considering its ease of use and the large number of users who have an active account. But you know what if they sell you A phone without apps installed? A recent incident has created a stir.

There is a storm of discussion about WhatsApp not being installed on the phone

whatsapp 20221113
It all happened inside Uronics located in Arezzo (Adobe stock).

A story that is incredible and, with comic features, is causing a lot of discussion. Last October 27 in that shop Uronics Chaos has eased in Arezzo’s Viale Messina. The protagonist is a woman who, after buying a smartphone and going home, returns to the center in a rage against the staff. Why? The phone was not purchased WhatsApp Already installed, although the woman herself asked an operator to proceed with the download.

But you’re going to shovel the mine, aren’t you?” and then: “You sold me a cell phone without WhatsApp and I don’t care. I told you I would pay you more if you installed it for me” were some of the phrases that the lady said to the workers in an angry, angry manner. A salesperson then contacted to explain how WhatsApp An app that you install through the Store and is not the Store’s responsibility. However, the client continues and indeed the situation gradually worsens, so much so The police had to intervene to quell his anger. Two steering wheels were needed to calm the confused lady as well as reassure the salesman. A story that continues to be discussed, especially for the comic side of things. In the end everything was resolved, and now the woman will be able to use WhatsApp on her new phone.


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