Hideo Kojima wants to explore music and filmmaking



with whom

Something that is created metal gear solid, Hideo KojimaHis somewhat frustrated dream of making film productions, reflected in his masterpieces viz Death Stranding. However, he recently commented on his genuine interest in exploring this art with the necessary complementary piece, music.

talk in Annan Awards inside Japan (via Famitsu), where the director won top honors in the culture category for his latest video game work, said he’s made headlines throughout his career, all areas connected to digital work, so he wants to branch out into film. and music.

It is worth remembering in his biography Twitter He said that “70% of his body is filmmaking, and he has never spoken publicly about his desire to make music.

Kojima Productions It recently announced that it has established a film and television studio based in the fairies And, according to the company director, his work will begin in earnest this year. It can link directly OverdoseThe latter game apparently dropped hints of its final reveal.

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