Hogwarts Legacy: JK Rowling created the story? The Avalanche Response


The FAQ is official Hogwarts Legacy Publicity of Portkey Games and Avalanche on the portal dedicated to gioco, chiarisce in maniera definitiva se JK Rowlingl’autrice dell’universo di Harry Potter, coinvolta o meno nello sviluppo o he has contributed to the module in creating the title story.

In fact, in the aftermath of Warner Bros. Even realizing that Rowling is not fond of coinvolta directly in the production of Hogwarts Legacy, but he would have received an ultimate confession grazing the official gioco that affirms that “the story presents no gioco Not the ideal of JK Rowling

Hogwarts Legacy, an official artwork

We learn a lot about the ultimate, we know The team of scribes has collaborated with Avalanche To support the gayco rapporteu fidelmente the Universi immaginariioo Harry Potter, something that will surely make a fan of Opera.

Ogni Experience offered by Portkey Games if the world is magical and completely different from this. JK Rowling hosts Portkey Games and promotes the projections and creations of Giochi to Warner Bros. Games and all sviluppatori coinvolti. His team collaborated with Warner Bros. Games on all sides of Hogwarts Legacy for Assessors who are in line with their creativity and the magic that fans are looking for and that they are an integral part of the magic world“, read the FAQ of the official Hogwarts Legacy site.

Prima di lasciarvi vi recordordi ho Hogwarts Legacy sarà disponibile enter the fine of 2022 For PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, even at the moment there is no change to the version for the big console N is not available in contemporary with the high and low in the cloud or menu.

In this FAQ we learn that in Hogwarts Legacy there is a very simple test of the smile with the Cappello Parliament, but only a formality.

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