How are you really spending your phone time?


(Pocket-lint) – Between COVID-19 and the norms of modern society, calling has without a doubt become our main source of communication. And when it comes to calling, CallApp is really the only app you’ll ever need (hence its catchy name).

It’s an all-inclusive calling app compatible with Android devices, enjoyed by more than 75 million people across the globe for its wide variety of innovative calling features. And while it’s best known by most for its advanced caller identification technology, spam call blocking service, call recording feature, AI personalized call reminders, and unique screen customization tools, such as personalized video ringtones. CallApp has recently added an all-new feature that’s not to be missed. The exciting new feature shows you exactly how you spend your phone time (and who you spend it with), officially coined by the company as ‘analytics and insights’. 

But don’t you already know how you spend your time, especially since it’s evidently your most precious asset? Well, truth be told, not exactly. Here’s why we believe otherwise, and in turn, suggest checking out the analytics and insights AI feature to help you actually find out where your time is going. 

1. Who really calls who? 

While we all have a general assumed understanding of how often we speak on the phone, it’s less likely that we actually know if we’re making most of these calls ourselves, or if we’re receiving them from others. Agreed?

The unique feature will show you not only if most of your calls are incoming or outgoing with a detailed breakdown comparing the exact numbers and percentages of the two, but also displays your specific insights with each of your contacts in order to really know who calls who. 

Guessing and jumping to conclusions in your relationships no longer has to be a thing, with the chance to see exactly what goes on between you and anyone you talk to, down to the last minute and detail. 

2. Your response rate 

It’s surely true that we all have a different view or understanding of reality, but at the same time, it’s close to impossible to really keep track of all our patterns and behaviors, especially with so many calls coming in and out a day, and with so much going on at once in our busy lives.

For these very reasons, CallApp’s analytics and insights feature provides you with data about how many of your calls you miss – including who you most often miss them from if you’re looking to dig deeper into your track record. Your response rate is also presented by CallApp in terms of how many of your calls are actually answered by others, and who in the nicest way possible, avoids you the most. 

And once again, the feature also allows you to see these detailed insights for each specific contact, to understand what really goes on between you and any of your contacts. The blame game really only works well with proven data, allowing you to use your insights between you and any contact to argue your case. 

3. Not all calls are created equal 

If there’s one thing that’s universally true about phone calls, it’s the fact that not all are created equal. This also goes for apps and specific features too. But what does that mean exactly? It means that some of our calls are longer, some of them are shorter, and some are made more frequently but aren’t necessarily so long or meaningful.

CallApp’s analytics and insights feature understands these differences and will tell you who your longest calls are with, as well as who you call the most often. You can also see how long you spent speaking to each specific contact too within your personal profile because it’s not only about who took first place. It’s important to also know how much time you spent talking to each of your contacts and how frequently you call each other too. 

4. What time is a good time?

While some people are constantly convinced that it’s never a good time to make a call, when it comes to CallApp’s analytics and insights, there a definitely a good time to make calls to specific contacts. 

The feature provides you with the data to know when the best time to call each and every one of your contacts is based on an AI algorithm of their response rate (when they are most likely to answer your call). The advanced technology will also share your personal insights with you too, revealing what the best time to call you is – something you likely wouldn’t otherwise know. 

5. How effective is your app? 

In addition, many of us either have, or think we have at least, countless apps on our phone that take up space for no good reason. Don’t you think it’s important to know how effective your apps are and if they are really serving their intended purpose before you remove them or save the space for them?

That’s why the analytics and insights feature will tell you how many calls CallApp managed to block for you, as well as how many numbers were identified as spam by the app too. This insight might also, of course, be a tell-tale sign that it’s time to be more cautious about how you share your personal information (if the numbers appear to sky-high) with no complaints from their caller id and call blocking technology of course. 

Summing Up 

Now that it’s been made clear that 99.8% of us have absolutely no idea how we actually spend our phone time and who we spend it with, CallApp’s all-new analytics and insights feature is here to provide you with the personalized and detailed data needed to have a deeper look into these behaviors.

And what exactly can you do with this new-found information? Well, that’s for you to decide, but based on the data provided for you, we have a feeling that it might be along the lines of increasing productivity, saving money, self-reflecting, and even joining a community (you can report and confirm numbers to help others and advance your status). 

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