How to Hide Photos on iPhone: Crazy Tricks That Drive Everyone Crazy



Do you want to hide iPhone gallery pictures? This is possible, thanks to a simple option to enable in the settings. Here’s how to do it

We now use Smartphone Whatever it is, surf the Internet, check e-mail, capture a snapshot of the most important moments, and play video games. But we can also go on indefinitely considering various apps on official stores.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone
How to Hide Photos on iPhone (AdobeStock)

Lose it Smartphone It probably means losing a part of our lives, with the risk of our personal data ending up in the hands of malicious people. And the web is full of such problems due to phishing attacks and persistent malware that constantly threaten our devices.

Yet, even just to avoid taking our eyes off our memory, a useful function is at play iPhone which allows us to protect our memories (photos, videos) using recognition methods (Face ID or CODIS) which we usually use to unlock the device.

This way, we will be able to secure our images and prevent any other person from browsing through our gallery. This is a handy feature, introduced by Apple Latest updateBut not everyone knows, because it is inserted in the settings of the Gallery app.

How to hide photos on iPhone: settings to enable

How to Hide Photos on iPhone
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Hiding photos on iPhone is really easy. First, open the app Galleria Apple (the program is pre-installed on all iPhones) and select the photos you want to hide.

After doing this, click on the three-dot menu at the bottom left of the screen and in the next window, click on the option “hide” Is it very easy to see?

Now that we have hidden the photo, we now need to set up an authentication method (Face ID or CODIS, precisely) just to unlock the hidden image display. This is an additional layer of protection provided by Apple. Even in this case, a few steps are required. You first need to open the Settings app on the iPhone and select the Photos item located at the bottom along with other Apple apps.

On the new screen, scroll down until you find “Use Face IDand activate the appropriate switch. Thus, all your albums “by iPhone” will be protected by this authentication method, obviously including the photos hidden through the special function we saw above.


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