If you choose the Pixel 7, Google sometimes offers great trade-in money for your old phone



Overseas, Google is a bit more generous than here, but even here you can sometimes get good money for your old smartphone when you buy a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. What is some cross about? reddit users The trade-in occurred in the United States.

There he registered his Pixel 5 with a broken screen glass for a trade-in, and Google actually wanted to pay $400 for it. Another user confirmed that he got $600 for his Pixel 6 Pro with the same damage. Wow, a lot of money!

Broken screen, but Google still pays a lot

For a Pixel 5 with a “cracked” screen, the average Google payment was higher than:

2022 10 27 09 28 50

So there are people where the estimate for an undamaged device was lower than what Google ultimately paid back for a damaged device. Apart from the freebie campaign, Google is doing a lot to bring the Pixel 7 phone to the masses.

Germany’s Google Store is a bit more reserved

In Germany, there is a maximum of 350 euros for old cell phones, according to the Google Store. If I submit a working Pixel 5 here, they want to pay me around 250 euros. A private sale on eBay may bring in slightly less, but without the fees and in any case worry-free.

In fact, the trade-in is not really worthwhile for the customer from a financial perspective. Unless the manufacturer concerned is as generous as Google. Regardless, these strong campaigns boosted sales figures well in the first few weeks.

Are you one of those smartphone buyers who keeps their old devices with the family or do you want to make a quick buck?

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