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It made history and is still brand new: for this reason, it was offered on eBay at a truly astronomical auction price of twenty one thousand euros. It was the first iPhone model, the legendary 2007 2G presented by Steve Jobs who revolutionized the world of smartphones. Let’s get into the details.

Warranty certificate shown by the seller on eBay – ComputerMagazine.it

The telephony market changed with ‘Take’. When, 9th January 2007is introduced to the world by Steve Jobs At the Macworld Conference & Expo, it left everyone with a device with a 3.5-inch multi-touch display and a single button. stucco. Industry insiders, competition, critics and the public, without exception.

And, right from that moment, one starts for the smart phone new era, resulting in the deprecation of old cell phones almost overnight. The model presented by Jobs had technical code A1203 and operating system performance, with universe App That began to expand around it, the beginning of the evolution that led us to the computational and operational power of our day.

And check out that model here now on world’s best known and popular online marketplace, Ebay. Auction prices can seem overwhelming to many StratosphericBut considering the symbolic value and status of the device, it is not surprising that it has attracted the interest of many collectors and enthusiasts.

Features Historic iPhone 2G Offered for Auction on eBay

iPhone 2G eBay ComputerMagazine.it 25 September 2022
Photo of iPhone 2G original packaging still sealed – ComputerMagazine.it

So we said 21,000 euros as a starting price. It was offered by a private seller who described the product as a “world-changing device”, to be exact, and who did not hesitate to offer it in an image that certainly did not refer to the smartphone’s technological potential. , now off the market, but his own Symbolic and historical value.

Additionally, the product is described and shown in impeccable condition, “brand new”, still kept in its packaging, never opened or discarded. And, although conventional 2G models are still not so rare, after “only” fifteen years have passed, it certainly “has the potential”.Museum piece

For those interested in checking it out and those in the know, interested in evaluating the glossy cost, Here is the link eBay’s page is dedicated to the product. And who knows, over time, giving milestone Which, of course, doesn’t turn out to be one investment.

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