Instagram Shares Insight into the Most Popular Holiday Cookies Across the US



Wanna’ know what the most popular holiday cookies are across the US?

This week, Instagram has shared some new insights into the most popular cookie types, based on Instagram usage data, which may help in your marketing strategies in each specific state.

Instagram cookie trends

As per Instagram:

“The champion cookie flavors include peanut butter, shortbread, crinkle, oatmeal, sugar cookies, gingerbread, snickerdoodles and the classic chocolate chip, which surprisingly only reigned popularity in Illinois.”

The insights are based on Instagram likes and mentions of cookies over the past month, using both in-feed and Instagram Story posts, providing some potentially valuable notes for your seasonal campaigns.

For a bakery or cafe, the insights could have direct bearing, but other businesses might also be able to use the data to attract more customers to their latest campaigns. Selling your house? You could cook the popular cookie type in your state, ahead of your open house, in order to add a seasonal touch. Supermarkets could put more focus on the most popular type, and/or highlight the ingredients as part of a new campaign.

Or you could just use the info to ask your audience for their opinion, sparking topical debate.

Or maybe it just sparks debate among your friends and family. Either way, it may have some additional value, beyond being a fun overview.

Does these listings ring true for your state?


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