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Among the many new features that come with iOS 16, it will be possible for owners of a dual SIM iPhone to share personal messages from work messages. Here’s how to activate the option

Salt waiting iOS 16, The new operating system introduced in recent weeks and which will see the light in the coming autumn. In the vicinity of the iPhone 14 flagship launch, including the classic Keynote which will probably be fixed For the month of September.

iOS 16 innovation includes the possibility to share personal to work messages (Adobe Stock)

Many new features that will enrich Apple’s operating system have already been revealed in detail, but there are many that remain in the shadows and will be ruined in a few weeks. Of these, there is a related message for those who have Dual SIM: They can be shared Personal from work.

iOS 16, How to share personal messages from work messages

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Here’s what you need to know and how to activate the option in a convenient and easy way (Adobe Stock)

Thanks to a feature available inMessage app, With its arrival iOS 16 It will be possible to share personal messages from business messages Of course you have to have dual SIM. The operating system itself will proceed with filtering the received content based on the card. To reveal everything, some developers, who have been holding on for a few days now Beta 2 of Apple’s operating system.

To be able to activate news immediately, just open Settings and access the section Message. Clicking the button here will pop up Filter unknown senders. When this is done, you need to open the Messages app and tap the button with the three dots at the top of the screen. You will then access the menu and you can choose from two of the available options. That is, sort the messages accordingly All lines Or for individual SIMs choose between: Personal, business and travel. We’ll see with Global Rollout how the option can be exploited in detail, which can prove very useful, especially for those who usually get a lot of messages for work every day. With this convenient option, you can filter everything in a simple and instant.

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