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The event, which ended yesterday evening, left for the last information that users are most interested in: the price of new Apple products. Spoiler: No need to be happy.

iPhone 14 Pro: Skyrocketing price for Italy – 8922 www.computermagazine.it

A product line up that has retired older models iPhone, Apple Watch e AirPods Pro. event far awayTaking place on social channels and on the Apple website, the new Cupertino unveiled what the products will be and which will feature throughout 2023. It starts with the new smartwatch, which will welcome a new generation of SE this year, as well as ‘the appearance of an unprecedented extreme version, Apple Watch Ultra. Then we moved on to the new one AirPods Pro Second generation, which will introduce the new chip in a smooth generational transition AirPods First and second generation.

Finally, we focused on the highlight of the evening, namely the new ones iPhone. It has been confirmed Goodbye mini modelin favor of return More variantswhich will carry the base model and 6.1 by 6.7″. Last but not least, the new model iPhone 14 Pro e iPhone 14 Pro MaxWhich is more than any other product they introduce announcement In Apple’s range. The new camera in favor of pills from goodbye to groove, passing Dynamic Island Which will “hide” the hole with a series of software animations. The chip also changes, unlike the basic models which will remain the same A15 Bionic seen in 13.

Pricing and Availability for Italy

iPhone 14 Pro: Skyrocketing price for Italy - 8922 www.computermagazine.it
iPhone 14 Pro: Skyrocketing price for Italy – 8922 www.computermagazine.it

But let us now come to: i the price. Many initially breathed a sigh of relief when they learned of the US price, which has remained unchanged since last year. To change, alas, the price list for Italy will be, Where the increase for the iPhone will be substantial. sister in law 90€ More for basic models from 128 GB ai 150€ More for variants Profrom always 128 GB. It starts from the base iPhone 14 at €1,029 and up Two thousand euros For 1TB Pro Max. Below is the official price list for all iPhone 14 models, which we think will be available for pre-order September 9 from 2 p.mincluding delivery from 16 This month:

iPhone 14:

  • 128 GB: 1.029€
  • 256 GB: 1.159€
  • 512 GB: 1.419€

iPhone 14 Plus:

  • 128 GB: 1.179 euros
  • 256 GB: 1.309€
  • 512 GB: 1.569 euros

iPhone 14 Pro:

  • 128 GB: 1.339 euros
  • 256 GB: 1.469€
  • 512 GB: 1.729€
  • 1 TB: 1.989€

iPhone 14 Pro Max:

  • 128 GB: 1.489€
  • 256 GB: 1.619€
  • 512 GB: 1.879 euros
  • 1 TB: 2.139 euros

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