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Is Filmora Wondershare the best YouTube video editor?

Do you want to make your YouTube videos look amazing and beautiful? Well, if that is the case then there is no better alternative than Wondershare Filmora 11. This is definitely one of the best options for video editing when you are on YouTube and want to create content that makes people happy. With this amazing Video editing software, You will be able to cut, crop, rotate, split, add effects and much more with your videos, in the most efficient and effective way. There is no doubt that Filmora 11 is one of the most eventful creations for the YouTube video-making platform.

What are the basic features of Philmora 11?

Filmora 11 definitely brings an abundance of amazing and interesting features. However, that’s not the only good thing about this amazing Video editor for YouTube. In addition to the newly added options, the video editing software has important basic features that can be found in previous versions.

  1. Color matching

When it comes to adding some color to your video clips, this is something that Filmora 11 can definitely do. Not only that, you’ll also be able to make sure that the colors of different videos match when you sew them together, even if they’re shot from different cameras.

  1. Green screen

Would you like to change your background screen to something more interesting and exciting? Well, with the amazing Filmora 11 video editor, it’s totally possible to do that. This amazing video editor is one of the best with amazing green screen features that can help you change the background in no time.

  1. Split screen

It wasn’t easy to sew multiple videos together, man. When it comes to creating YouTube videos, you need to have great precision when sewing videos. Okay, this can be made possible with the amazing split screen option in the amazing YouTube video editor. s

  1. Motion tracking

Now you can easily track the motion of any object in the video and once it is done, you will be able to replace that object with something else and it will follow the same path of motion. It really helps to have a special effect on the video.

  1. Audio duck

When you’re using this video editor, you can be sure that some parts of your video have less noise with the audio docking feature.

What are the newly added features?

Not just the old features, but some new and exciting features have been added to the video editor of Filmora 11. With these new features, the process of creating YouTube videos is going to be amazing and convenient for creators in the best possible way.

An amazing feature added to the Filmora 11 is the speed ramping that gives you more control over the keyframing of your project. With this module, you can adjust different keyframes of the product in the best possible way. Thus, it enables the user to experiment with different effects.

Manage keyframes in the best way possible with the video masking feature that lets you make sure you add different effects. With such an option, you will be able to select one from the various sizes available in the menu.

Adding and syncing audio with video clips is always a pain for most producers. This is especially true of YouTube videos where syncing can be seen in more detail. So, with the best auto synchronization option in Filmora 11, it’s easy to make sure your audio clips are fully synced with the video clips.

  • Auto bit synchronization

This is another amazing feature added to the Filmora 11 software option. With this amazing feature of Video Editor, users will be able to easily sync their music beats with video clips without any hassle.

Tired of thinking of an idea for your YouTube video and want something that has already been created? Well, here comes the instant mode. With it, you can easily find the most amazing templates for YouTube videos you’ve already created that can be used to create different parts of YouTube content.

  • Boris FX and NewBlue FX plug-ins

As an extension of the already amazing effects library, Filmora 11 has added amazing new plug-ins for you to enhance the visual effects in your videos. Coming from some of the leading developers of influences like NewBlu FX and Boris FX, this module will definitely add a new style to your video. Choose from a variety of styles, designs and settings.

With Wondershare Drive, you’ll be provided with a cloud platform for efficiently storing all your video projects. With this feature, you can save a lot of space on your device while making your projects easily accessible via the web.

This is another interesting feature that has been added to Filmora 11 and is the Stock Media Library. Equipped with royalty-free images and new templates that you can use, these options are simply the best. With impressive new additions, the video editor has over 10 million elements to make the editing process more convenient for creators.

Do youtubers like to use Filmora to create YouTube content?

To answer this question, yes, YouTubers consider Filmora 11 to be a great alternative to creating amazing video content for the platform YouTube. This video editing software is simply one of the best creations. Below are some important reasons why YouTubers consider Filmora to be a popular choice for creating YouTube content.

  • It is an easy-to-use software option that can be used for video editing even if you have no previous experience with it.
  • Rich in amazing features, Filmora 11 is designed to take the experience of creating video content to a whole new level.
  • Fantastic features and amazing plug-ins have been added to make the editing process much more convenient for developers.
  • The newer version of Filmora has a wide range of amazing features that include some of the basic features of older versions.
  • This is a very affordable and cost-effective alternative to video editing that one can use in the best way possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of filmora 11

Talking about the advantages of Filmora 11, one of the most important things to mention is that it is very light and easy to use. Not to mention that there is a fantastic huge library of amazing stock images and other templates that you will be able to use to create videos in the best way possible. Input and output formats are supported by this amazing software option that can make the process of creating and uploading YouTube videos much easier. Not to mention that a free version of the tool is available for those who want to get started before investing in a video editor.

Speaking of cons, it can be said that the free version has a watermark that will be visible in every video. Not to mention that the free version has no additional features and you actually have to pay for it. Another major drawback is that hand masking tools are not available in the software.

However, it is safe to say that the advantages of the Filmora 11 video editor outweigh all the disadvantages. So, this is definitely a great tool for creating YouTube videos.

How much does Filmora 11 cost?

To gain access to the newly added features and other benefits, users need to make a payment. Details of the payment plan for Filmora 11 video editing software are given below.

Filmora 11 includes 2 subscription plans You can choose an annual plan that costs $ 49.99 or a lifetime subscription plan that costs $ 79.99 and that too for a fee. In addition, an add-on package with separate effects can cost an additional 39.96 per month.

We think that this price is definitely sensitive and considering the feature-rich software benefits that have been offered to you, the price is definitely not too high. While it may not be as cheap as other competitive software options, its price is reasonable because you get a storm of amazing benefits and features.

How to download Filmora 11

To download Filmora 11 you need to follow the steps below.

  • Visit Filmora Wondershare’s official website
  • Select the Filmora 11 software and click on the download option
  • You can easily install the software and use all the features after paying for the pricing plan.


Do you want reliable video editing software for creating and uploading YouTube videos? Well, there is no better alternative than Filmora 11. Choose this amazing video editor right now and enjoy the amazing benefits and features it has to offer.

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