Is Samsung working on a smart ring?



The first patent came out

If you believe the current rumours, Samsung is working on its first smart ring. The manufacturer will thus offer an alternative to the Finnish Oura ring series. But what about possible “galaxy rings”?

Samsung An integral part of the wearables market for many years. So far, however, the manufacturer has limited itself to smartwatches (test: Galaxy Watch 5 Pro). That might end soon, because according to a note on the South Korean Never forum, Samsung is currently working on one Smart Ring.

It is a rather invisible ring, which as a health-tracking-device The special feature of serving rings is that they do not have a separate display. Any measurement is automatically shared with the smartphone. In general, rings look sturdier than classic watches, which means they can last longer. The market for smart rings has been relatively small to date, although popularity may be growing.

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Actually, this rumor doesn’t seem so far-fetched, as Samsung already has a corresponding one patent Filed with the USPTO. In the published film, the ECG measurement and optical heart rate monitor function Generally speaking, tracking of sports activities and sleep quality will also be possible. Unfortunately, the patent does not reveal any further details.

A timely launch of the ring is not expected. According to the forum post, Samsung is still in the very early stages of development, making it unlikely that it will be released next year. It’s also exciting to see how this type of ring can position itself in terms of price. Oura rings currently vary for approx 350 US-Dollars The owner.


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