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Summer is officially here, and the upcoming July 4 sales season will provide the first big opportunity to definitely take home technology-enabled technologies like the iPad and 4K TV at rock-bottom prices. While every retailer claims to have the cheapest sales available on July 4, tracking the best deals on July 4 may seem like an impossible task. There’s one more catch, because Prime Day is back to its normal July schedule this year – a week after the 4th of July – and this is another sale you don’t want to miss.

The good news is that with 4th July sales and Prime Day deals rolling out almost backwards, shoppers can look forward to Black Friday in July – and we’re here to help you navigate it all. Here’s what you need to know about the July 4, 2022 sale, what deals we’d like to see from the event, and whether it’s worth waiting for a prime day sale instead.

When does the sale start on 4th July?

July 4 landed on a Monday this year. This is quite convenient, because this type of federal holiday sometimes results in a three-day weekly holiday (Saturday to Monday) in the US. Many retailers will then stop selling them. Most of the July 4 sales will probably start on the last Friday or Saturday, but don’t be surprised if you see some retailers running deals throughout the week beginning July 4th. Keep your eyes peeled during this time – the killer bargain you are thinking about may pop up earlier than you think.

Where is the best 4th July sale?

Depending on where you find the best deals, you are shopping for a special deal on July 4th this summer. If you are in the market for a 4K TV deal, go to Best Buy or Walmart. If it’s an iPad or Apple Watch, put Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Target on your radar. Need a new mattress to help you get some close-eyes? You might want to look at a brand like Casper or Tuft & Needle. See where we’re going with this?

If you feel like finding a needle in a haystack of picks from all these different retailers, don’t worry: we’ll all work hard, stay with you all the way – trolling through the endless sales on July 4th and rounding up all the best deals here – So you don’t have to bounce everywhere to find out who is offering what. Be sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back when the sale officially starts on July 4th.

What will you buy at the 4th July sale?

Anything and everything, really, whatever you can think of will be at a discount. The 4th of July sale always brings all kinds of deals for the buyers, in everything from clothes and furniture to electronics and entertainment. The July 4 sale is a particularly good opportunity to collect outdoor furniture, grilling equipment and some new summer accessories for the beach or pool so you can get ready to have a great time outside. We’re all talking about technology at Digital Trends, and if you’re here, this is probably the top of your shopping list.

Fortunately, when you start selling, you can expect to see lots of deals on July 4 on technology iPads, laptops, 4K TVs, smart home gadgets, headphones, video games and more. More good news: We’ll post to you as soon as the best sales start on 4th July so you can dive straight in and keep an eye on other hungry deal-hounds. Keep in mind that Amazon’s Prime Day Sale will take place next week on July 4th, though, if you are wondering if you should wait for it, keep reading our Acceptance.

Will you go shopping for Sales on July 4 or wait until Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s answer to Black Friday, which offers some of the deepest discounts you’ll see throughout the year – but should you hold on to it instead of shopping for the July 4 sale? Our Honest Advice: If you have an Amazon Prime, it may be best to wait until the Prime Day Sales Roll on 12 and 13 July 2022. We expect the Prime Day deals to be slightly better than the 4th July deals. , At least when it comes to expensive technology.

On the other hand, if you do not have an Amazon Prime subscription, you will be limited enough to decide whether you can shop on Prime Day. Of course, other retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy run their own sales at the same time as Prime Day to compete with Amazon, but the best Prime Day bids come from Amazon and are limited to Prime members. These usually come in the form of limited-time Lightning Deals, which means they do not last the entire duration of the sale and often sell well before their expiration date.

The long and short ones are: If you don’t have Prime and you don’t plan on getting it (or you can’t take advantage of it for free) Prime Trial for Sales Purchases), then we do not recommend sleeping in this 4th July Sales. And even if you have a prime and plan to buy a prime day deal, pay attention to the July 4 sales. You never know what they might bring; The bargain you planned for Prime Day may actually pop up in the weekend of July 4, and if it’s at the perfect price you wanted, there’s no reason not to take it. With this sale, you should always be prepared to hit while the iron is hot. Prime Day is a two day event and deals sell fairly quickly, so if you wait you may miss your chance.

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