Kagan: 5G private networks big opportunity for Qualcomm, AT&T, Verizon



5G private networks are a huge new wireless growth opportunity for companies like Qualcomm, AT&T and Verizon. We all know how 5G is a huge new growth opportunity in general for the entire wireless industry. However, most don’t realize how 5G private networks are another powerful new growth opportunity for companies, governments and groups, not only in the United States, but worldwide.

Qualcomm says 5G private networks are optimized by design to serve specific needs of enterprise and industry verticals. They say these are designed with a focus on high network availability and reliability. Ultra-low latency and support for LAN services across the 5G network play an important role.

Qualcomm 3GPP Release 16 for 5G private network design

Qualcomm says 3GPP Release 16 brings the entire gamut of 5G NR capabilities to 5G private networks in one global ecosystem standard. This brings a diversity of equipment and software to private networks. It also means network infrastructure equipment, software and devices that have already been proven in public networks are available for private networks.

They are a world-wide leader in everything 5G. They help wireless carriers build their 5G capabilities. They also help smartphone and tablet makers integrate 5G capabilities so they can talk to the network. They also help B2B companies do the same thing.

In addition, 5G expands beyond the traditional wireless world. With automated driving or self-driving cars, healthcare like TeleHealth and so much more, there are other enormous growth opportunities they are pursuing.

AT&T and Verizon building their 5G private network business

AT&T and Verizon are building their 5G private network opportunities as well. They are focused on working with enterprises, governments and organizations to build their private 5G networks.

5G goes far beyond traditional wireless. It will empower companies, organizations, governments and more to do much more than ever before.

These AT&T and Verizon networks include new technology like AI and IoT and many believe this could be huge new growth opportunity for them.

Today, partnerships are being formed between a growing variety of companies to make this a reality. This means network builders, networks, smartphone, tablet and assorted handset and technology makers and more.

Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, Google all focusing on 5G private network

Other equipment companies like Ericsson, Nokia and others also see 5G private networks as a growth opportunity. So do network and cloud companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon AWS and others.

We are still very early in this new opportunity. That means the actual structure of these partnerships is still being shaped.

However, this is a real growth opportunity and 5G will be very important for private networks going forward. There will be countless separate private 5G networks both within the United States and globally.

In addition, no one company can tackle the entire opportunity on their own. It’s like the wireless industry in general. This will be a partnership between network builders, 5G wireless networks, smartphone, tablet and handset makers, makers of other 5G technology like we see in automated driving and TeleHealth, and much more.

Co-opetition means all these companies will work either on their own or together depending on the opportunity. They will both compete with and work with others in the space.

So, keep your eyes on this new and what will most likely be rapidly growing industry segment that will continue to grow in size, scope and importance to both the marketplace in general and to these wireless, telecom, cloud, AI and IoT providers.


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