Kojima and del Toro celebrate the anniversary of PT Atomics


August 12 again without understanding. While this date may be just another one on many people’s calendars, some still remember the day eight years ago when, unexpectedly, a demo landed on the PlayStation Store. No one knew what it was, or what game it was promoting without knowing The world entered the universe PT

That’s right, it was August 12, 2014 in which PTo Playable teaserIn an unexpected way came to the PlayStation Store, thus promoting silent hill, the next installment in the beloved horror series, with Hideo Kojima directly attached, and Guillermo del Toro involved in the project. Unfortunately, and as you probably already know, These plans completely fell apart after Kojima’s departure from Konami and the cancellation of the project.

However, both Kojima and del Toro haven’t forgotten PT Thus, the two shared a short message on Twitter, with the Japanese developer noting only that eight years have passed since the release of the demo. For its part, The Mexican filmmaker was less dogmatic, as he only commented “FK”.

What does “FK” mean? ok, This is a reference to the iconic hashtag that circulated on social media in 2014: #FuckKonami. Thus, Guillermo del Toro once again made his displeasure with the cancellation clear silent hillKojima’s departure, and all the controversy it generated.

On a related note, fans have fixed a famous bug Silent Hill 2. Likewise, the creator of Silent Hill clarified the confusion between the game and the movie.


Editor’s note:

It is sad that silent hill has been cancelled. The game clearly had great potential. However, at the end of the day Konami’s decisions completely changed not only the company, but Kojima’s life as well. The only thing we have now is a chance to remember how great it was PT

By: Guillermo del Toro

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