Launched in 2016, 2D Dark Souls looked bad



The article titled A 2D Dark Souls Game published in 2016 was created by a rogue

This morning the artist Dr Thomas Feichmeier posted interesting news on his Twitter account: In 2016 he was part of an action that wanted to introduce Dark Souls 3 (or at least its world) as a 2D Metroidvania game.

Now that the nondisclosure agreement he signed on the project has expired, he’s been able to talk — and share a single image — about what the project might look like for the first time in six years.

That looks great! Before you yell at Bandai Namco for not agreeing, you should know that these kinds of things—people and studios that do projects involving publisher intellectual property—It happens like this all the time. We rarely hear about it or see the results.

I spoke with Feichtmeir – a pixel artist who has worked on several games disbelief Mir Victory Song – Earlier today, those who signed him as part of the NDA can now Show her work and talk a little about her, but don’t talk a lot Atar around.

“was art It was made around 2016 when everyone wanted a cool 2D, the soul–metroidvania, Because the genre was new and the desire for such games was great,” he says.Surely someone has to try and represent Bandai Namco.”

On his experience as a pixel artist the soul Community member and YouTuber, Fichtmaier understands why he decided to help out in the field. Unfortunately, nothing went anywhere – like I said, promotions come and go Always – but you could argue that part of his soul will eventually find its way into another game.

“many people [on Twitter] Note that it is very similar disbeliefWhich they are right, and it is very logical Will work on it after a few years disbelief As an artist,” he said. I wrote about him disbelief In 2017, exactly one year after that event, They said they were “two-dimensional dark souls”.This is you.

“I hope you enjoy looking at the art as much as I enjoyed making it,” Feichtmeir told me. “It’s great to finally be able to share it after so long.”


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