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The fact that the coronavirus pandemic has recently been detected in the dot, is the smart working or quella capacitance of the remote that was primarily an excuse, or the regula. Certo, i pc restoran semper i primi dispositivi a cui penseranno tutti. Attended by Hyper Idea. Potrebbe fare scuola.

HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Media Hub 20220504 CMAG
HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Media Hub –

La startup londinesesalita alla ribalta per quel system de mixed reality (virtual reality and toxic physics) that has conquered Virgin Galacticwhich is proving to be its spazioporto in New Mexico, landed the docking 6-in-1, a hub that amplifies the performance on an iPad, far from giving a vera and proprietary staging.

Hyper produce a vast gamma on USB-C for Mac and iPad, but this is one of the first to control media fishes integrating into a port. The HyperMedia USB-C Hub comes with this feature, which is similar to the multi-hub for iPad. Add to the list of iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro e and collegiate USB-C. Even with this functionality, there is a pre-requisite for USB-C 6-in-1 standard hyper. How to choose which controls have the most advanced content?

Piccolo, leggero, compatto and soprattutto innovation

iPad Pro 20220504 cmag
iPad Pro – Adobe Stock

L ‘hub multimediale USB-C 6 in 1 For the iPad is the first hub in the world with 6 portions of essential and fast multimedia products, which allows you to connect to more disposable and reproducible, metatars in the money, far more rapid or revolving film sensations, like the old ones. interrompered the flow of lavoro.

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One hub that transforms the problem with the experience of the iPad Pro, Air or mini USB-C in a potential spacious lavoro with a portable HDMI 4K 60Hz video port, Power Port Delivery USB-C 5Gbps 60W, MicroSD / SD slot slot, USB-A 5Gbps and a 3.5mm port for audio cuffs.

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Video and content can be viewed in many ways that will allow you to enjoy HDMI 4K and 60 Hz conventions, which will allow the duplication of the most recent aggregation. For data quotes, file photo or video file, click the slot UHS-I a MicroSD / SD There is also the possibility of transferring an incredible 104 MB / s, independently of the fact that a user lives in a post or post. C’è infatti pure l’impugnatura magnetica. Consent to all USB-C columns in secure modes on your iPad Pro, Air or mini USB-C.

Piccolo, leggero, compatto e soprattutto innovativo: così Hyper The introduction of the revolutionary movement. The spear is not too solitary to remove.


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