Leslie Grace may continue as Batgirl


You are well aware of the decision you have made A Warner Bros. invention A few days ago, it canceled a number of movies that were going live for streaming, including one Batgirl. With that, many wanted to see Leslie Grace In the main role, although this will probably not be the end of the actress in the film universe DC.

That’s what the media is saying diversity:

Newly installed Warner Bros. Pictures group bosses Michael De Luca and Pam Abdi are considering the possibility of Batgirl star Leslie Grace reprising her role in a future Batman movie. DC.


Even with this statement, the answer remains somewhat ambiguous, especially since there are no high-profile projects that could involve its character. DC In a future movie. Nothing at the moment Gotham Knights On the horizon, there’s nothing beyond video games coming out in October, so it remains to be seen Leslie Grace.

Batgirl Displaced after merger with High-Profile A Warner Bros. invention. And the film is believed to have been deemed irredeemable after a failed test screening, which led to poor scores. So the company decided to use its weak status as a tax break instead of releasing the film in theaters or online.

The actress did not come to give any statement for now.

Through: IGN


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