LG Aero, more than an air purifier: portability, design and even a powerbank! –


AWe have a New attractive air purifier edel which, all of us, we will certainly not be able to do without. This could be the kind of device we always needed, but didn’t think could be so useful: let’s look at the category.

LG has always made incredible projects available –

It’s time to announceLG Aero, that is, an air purifier that can also be used as a table or perhaps a lamp In addition to this, read well, it can wirelessly recharge our smartphone and connect through it WiFi on the ThinQ platform.

The device presented by the Korean company is the first indicator of the newborn range Puricare object, series of products with which LG intends to combine the various functions of health devices with specific and refined designs. But what is this special feature? machineAnd how much essence could we like it?

Important components of air purifiers and different shades are available

LG Aero, more than an air purifier: portability, design and even a powerbank!
It’s good that we actually talk about it –

Looking at the pictures, we can understand the new LG Aero A air purifier That looks like a table. Below the support surface are buttons that allow you to turn on the device and operate various functions. And although LG doesn’t specify it, the “engine” is LG Aero It should be the same as the PuriCare AeroTower, which uses a True HEPA filter.

Apart from being attractive it uses proprietary technology UVnanoAs promised by LG, it is also able to help reduce 99.99% of viruses and bacteria around fans. Upper support surface of the purifier d’aria can be selected between Two formsWhich will be round or oval, and in three different colors: red, yellow and gray.

In addition, the support surface, in addition to serving as a table, can recharge via wireless Smartphone. However, LG did not communicate the actual charging capacity, pointing to the possibility of charging both Samsung devices and iPhones. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi connectionthrough which it can communicate with the ThinQ platform.

In conclusion, it will be possible to control all functions of the purifier from the app. Know that I have not been exposed introductory priceAs a result we have to reach that we can talk about it in more depth starting from 2nd to 6th September.

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