LinkedIn Adds New Staff Connection Tools Via Company Pages, New Follower Analytics Options



LinkedIn is adding a new, dedicated communications channel for your company and employees via your LinkedIn Company Page, while it’s also providing new insights into your company page followers to help guide your content and outreach decisions, as part of its latest feature roll-out for company pages.

Here’s what’s been announced:

The main addition is the new ‘My Company’ tab, which will be accessible from your LinkedIn company page.

LinkedIn My Company tab

As you can see fro the screenshot, LinkedIn is introducing the feature as ‘your employee-only experience’ on the platform.

The option essentially provides an enclosed group space, where you can share internal news, celebrate staff and organizational milestones, and generally maintain connection with colleagues via LinkedIn. Which, now that many people are working remotely, could be a key way to keep everybody updated, and maintain engagement outside of your internal systems.

Of course, more sensitive information should stay within your internal networks, and most organizations do already have established internal comms frameworks that would negate the need for such an option on LinkedIn.

But there may be other benefits: 

“The “My Company” Tab” also surfaces trending content from your coworkers, and recommendations to connect with people you may know at your organization. In the future, we’ll be adding more powerful tools, like the ability to curate unique content, broadcast that content to your employees so it can be shared organically, and measure the impact of their reach – all for free.”

So, really, the main benefit, over your internal network, is in facilitating employee advocacy, and providing more ways for your employees to stay connected with what’s being shared by staff on the platform, enabling them to also participate in the same. 

Which, in some ways, makes it a beefed-up version of the option to notify employees about important business updates or posts, which LinkedIn launched last October.

LinkedIn notify employees option

Now, beyond just being able to facilitate such recommendations, the My Company tab will also enable employees to be more proactive in keeping up with relevant updates, which could provide them with more opportunities to share the same with their own networks, or provide more context on the types of updates and information they could also share.

LinkedIn’s also adding a new ‘Events’ tab to Company Pages to make it easy for people to see your past and upcoming virtual events.

LinkedIn events tab

With more events going virtual due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, the Events tab will provide an easy way for your company page visitors to get an overview of the events your business is involved in or running, which could spark more interest and attendance.

And lastly, LinkedIn’s also adding some new insights into your company page followers, which could help guide your content and outreach process. 

LinkedIn page followers

Up till now, company page admins have only been able to view their total follower counts and the basic demographics of each. This new listing will also show you how they found your company page, when they started following. You’ll also be able to sort the listing by current company, industry and location.

LinkedIn first announced the addition back in July, but it’s now being rolled out to all company pages, with the additional sorting options to improve functionality.

That could be particularly beneficial in reaching out to specific companies, based on staff searches. If, for example, you saw that several people from a potential business partner brand all started following your company page within the last month, that could be your cue to reach out to them direct.

These are some helpful additions, with varying use cases, providing more ways to understand and engage with your LinkedIn audiences, in all forms. And again, with more people working remote, it makes sense to utilize different options for keeping connected – which could be especially beneficial for your employee advocacy push.   


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