Lufthansa strikes against Airtags on suitcases: “banned for security reasons”, here are the reasons for the choice –



Simple: Comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations and enforce them as required by all airlines. So the network tam-tam targeting Lufthansa has confused the “target”, as it is ICAO that introduced the standard. Let’s know the details.

AirTags Lufthansa 11 October 2022
Apple’s Airtags have not been banned by Lufthansa, but are currently in force for all airlines by ICAO regulations.

The Controversy It spread online because of an article that appeared last Friday October 7 accusing the German airline Lufthansa To ban Apple: an Apple gadget, to be precise, namely Airtag Tracking and tracking are used by some users in their own Baggage.

AirTags della Mella, in fact, is the locator Which, when included inside devices or personal effects such as suitcases and bags, allows you to Observe their movements. A gadget that many travelers probably cause is too numerous difficulty With what they have been forced to deal with over the past year – above all – due to the loss of luggage, they have started using them extensively.

And there were articles on the weekend Spread it on the netA direct attack on Lufthansa, considered responsible for decisions taken independently because, according to some passengers, “They don’t want to know where our bags are

Lufthansa’s disclaimer and interpretation of applicable law

AirTags protests Lufthansa 11 October 2022
Criticism spread across the network over the weekend after an article that blamed Lufthansa –

The network’s tam tam spread so quickly that the German company had to resort to one Timely clarificationTo avoid the risk of dissatisfaction and, worse, claims for compensation or different types of causes, which would have further bogged down a system. – Air transport that – already special difficulties.

And so he explained through a Official note Which isn’t responsible for creating an ad hoc regulation, “ad corpora” to target Apple’s Airtags, but Apply ICAO directivesInternational Civil Aviation Organization, currently by force. Like no other company would do it.

According to Safety provisions As specified by ICAO regulations, indeed, any device in checked baggage and stored in the hold must turn off and transmission function disabled. Includes locator.

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