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The new Azzienda Marshall, the most famous in the world of quantum and amplifier, has introduced the latest screensavers and its new speaker Bluetooth portals and supercompatites. The treatment of the model Willen and his son is very interesting.

Marshall Willen, 8/5/2022 -
Marshall Willen, 8/5/2022 –

Lo speaker appare come a small cubo di dimensioni ridotte, precisely 10 centimeters per day, with a space of 4 centimeters and a piece of 310 grams. In our internal search, let’s scribble, a single dynamic driver full-range (100-20.000 Hz) of 2 ″ and due to passive radiators, and has the capacity to measure a volume of 82 dB graphs of all amplifier integrators. 10 W massimo.

Marshall Willen, 8/5/2022 -
Marshall Willen, 8/5/2022 –


The battery, invented, guaranteed an autonomy of 15 hours In music, remember the complete recap, using port Usb-C, is available in three hours, even two minutes less if there is a possibility to collect more or less music. This tipi speaker Bluetooth connections are easily connected In version 5.1 with a maximum distance of 10 meters, there is no Wi-Fi present but a classic audio jack of 3.5 millimeters. If you want a microphone for chiamate and vi che even the IP67 certifications controlling and acquiring.

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Comoda la cinghia If you are looking for a retro, and if you allow the speaker to listen, it will cost you 99 euro, in the process of getting a date even if it is not a valid date. Presenting another ultra model of speaker from part of Marshall, a sort of doppio willen Dotato di due driver full-range (60-20.000 KHz) of 2. The dimensions are one of the largest ever received from the speaker, approximately 68 x 160 x 76 mm, for 700 grams per peso, and the battery guarantees the duration of the duration, 30 or 15 inches.

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If you have a speaker stereo with IP67 certifications, like the microphone, and come up with a pre-existing solution that will result in Bluetooth 5.1. The price of sale and arrival is a 169 EuroHowever, in order to be able to attend to the prosciutto estate even if, as sopra, not vi sono per ora date certe. f sapere che attraverso Dedicated application Marshall Bluetooth è Possible collegial via wireless more unit of speaker to create a more evolving and potential sound. In addition, always attracting this application, it is possible to get the firmware of the speaker. The moment of mercato let’s go Bluetooth speaker Marshall a Marchio speaker, It sells for more than 226 euros per day. In addition, it is possible to acquire even one mini ampli From small dimensions, only 29 euros.

Marshall Acton II Bluetooth at 225.95 euros
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Marshall MS 29 euros
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