Meta Facebook outlines new opportunities for reel makers through star donations


As part of the announcement of expanded monetization options for manufacturers earlier this week, Meta mentioned that it would Its open Facebook star Creator giving process for all Qualified producers so that more people can start earning from their reel, live or VOD video.

Now, there’s the meta Provide more insight How reel makers, in particular, will be able to earn Stars grant, which until recently was only available in its apps for gaming streamers.

Such as Meter new outlineReels manufacturers who meet these new requirements will now be able to receive Stars grants for their Reels clips.

  • Maintained at least 1,000 followers in the last 60 days
  • Operates in one of the following markets: US, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, France, Peru, Malaysia, Brazil, India, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Belgium, Chile, Austria , Argentina
  • Compatible with meta Partner Monetization Policy And Content monetization policy

Meta reiterates that it plans to expand Stars on the reels of all manufacturers using Stars next month, but the current starting point for gaining access to this option.

In addition to this, and to help raise awareness of the stars as a donation option to support your favorite creators, Metao Bring her back Star Fest Events – ‘A month-long celebration that began on June 15 and will run until July 15 to recognize the creators of the stars’.

“We will be one Star sales, limited time virtual gifts and badges that send more than 500 stars, new educational content, a week of Creator programming and bonus opportunities that multiply star earnings for reel makers’ selected stars.

As part of this, Metas is launching a new one The #StarsEverywhere contest, which adds the hashtag #StarsEverywhere to their posts during Star Fest, will give creators using Star a chance to win $ 1,000.

With Being reels Fast-growing content format across Meta’s platforms, It is keen to give more developers more opportunities to post reels to the app, in order to encourage better participation, and instead prevent them from going to TikTok. Which is why it is also expanding Facebook Reels Play Bonus Program All US-based manufacturers, and testing New The way creators make money on both Instagram and Facebook, including crossposted content.

“For example, reels posted from Instagram to Facebook may be eligible for a share of the revenue from overlay ads on Facebook, which we are taking to many markets around the world, as well as to the Facebook Reels Play bonus program.”

Meta will soon enable creators to use the label ‘Paid Partnership With’ for branded content on Facebook Relay and allow sponsors to easily convert those clips into branded content ads.

Combined, these could provide significant revenue opportunities for intelligent reel makers and, again, prevent them from going to TikTok, the trending app of the moment, but does not offer the same level of monetization as Meta and YouTube. , On a wide scale.

TikTok is still building its monetization system, and at the moment, this is a major weakness that Meta and YouTube are trying to exploit, which could eventually become a major problem for TikTok, if the top stars realize that their focus is on them. Apps will be better served instead.

That’s not to say that TikTok won’t make it effective, but in the face of growing challenges and frustration with the manufacturer due to shrinking payments, it will be a key battleground for social media dominance next year.

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