Microsoft Teams will soon have LinkedIn and OneDrive integration


(Pocket-lint) – Microsoft is working on more updates for Microsoft Teams that include new integrations with both LinkedIn and OneDrive. The company is regularly working on updating Teams to make it more user-friendly, now the Microsoft 365 roadmap shows more is coming in the future.

One of these planned updates includes an intelligent integration with LinkedIn. This will let Microsoft Teams users see their colleague’s LinkedIn profile while in a one-on-one chat. This will clearly be useful where the users are part of a large organization and some background will be useful for meetings or team building.

This integration is expected to add a LinkedIn tab to the chat panel for at-a-glance info on all the important things you’d normally see on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a Microsoft product after all, so this integration makes perfect sense and will be a welcome addition for many.

Alongside this change, Microsoft is also working on closer integration with OneDrive. If you’re using OneDrive for business, then you’ll be able to see your files more easily.

Microsoft says that in OneDrive it’s adding a “Your Teams” section which will let users easily find and work with all files in Microsoft Teams. This will be useful where you’ve been sharing files in Teams but have forgotten where they were originally shared and need to dig them out again.

These changes are on the roadmap currently and are expected to come at some point in April 2022.

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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