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Punch 60

It’s no secret that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet They have terrible technical performance on the Nintendo Switch. Considering that Game Freak has no plans to fix these issues, fans are tasked with providing a solution. A mod like this has become very popular in recent days offering a stable 60fps.

Recently, a user known as theboy181 shared a few videos where you can see the game running at a stable 60fps. The first shows us the hero coming to Paldeya, While the second focuses on a fight, both are without problems.

It’s important to note that this mod was made for an emulator on PC, and not for the original Switch copy. At this time it is unknown when theboy181’s work will be available to the rest of the public. However, given the attention this action has garnered in recent days, it’s likely that Nintendo or The Pokemon Company are already working to pull this off.

In related matters, Sprigatito makes its debut in the Pokemon anime. Likewise, Glitch is from NSFW Pokemon Scarlet and Violet It goes viral.


Editor’s note:

Honestly, this mod looks amazing, and it makes me wish Game Freak had optimized their game before releasing it to the public. It’s a shame really Scarlet and Violet The way they run, and all these criticisms are not valid.

Via: theboy181


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