Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: Camera madness, here are the first shots from its monstrous 200 MP sensor


The 2022 cameraphone could be a Motorola-made device by this time. The company is ready to market its “ultra” vision among the most experts in the smartphone sector: here is the Edge 30 Ultra with 200 megapixels.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: first shot – 18722

The smartphone will be Beat, camera side Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. Or at least, that’s what the shot shared on the net suggests. A device that focuses on the photographic quality of its main sensor. A monster from Ben 200 megapixels That stands on the back cover of the device and it will, at least according to the first shot, be able to create anthropomorphic photos. In fact, 200 megapixels in a smartphone is quite something unpublished, although megapixels, in fact, are not always an indicator of photographic quality. This time, however, they want to be serious with the help of Motorola Samsungwhich would be engaged in manufacturing and supplying sensors to competing companies.

Today, in addition to the confirmation of the amount of megapixels and the possible exceptional quality of the sensor, we can appreciate the first shot taken with the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, Motorola’s ultra flagship, which aims to win the scepter directly. Camera phone The image of 2022, was shared by Motorola itself through its official channels – specifically the Chinese head of the company Chen Jin is Weibo (A This is the link high resolution image) – shows the muscle of a device step by step over time.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: The first shot is stunning

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: first shot - 18722
Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: first shot – 18722

Technically, the sensor technology will benefit Binning is 2×2with a default output of 50 megapixels for the picture. The photo shared on social media is probably somehow done tablets Thus the shot loses some of the actual quality. However, we are talking about a file of exceptional size, good weight 13 MB. So, after sharing this on the net, the expectations are at the highest level which will impose itself as a superior competitor in the global market. iPhone, galaxy and so on

There is a price that should be negotiated 900€ The starting point, however, is not an astronomical figure for a company aiming to recapture the market and return to its past glory. Below is a list of Motorola Edge 30 technical specifications:

  • display: 6.67″ OLED type, 144 Hz refresh, QHD + resolution
  • processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
  • ram: 12 GB LPDDR5 type
  • Storage Interno: 256 GB UFS 3.1
  • Rear camera: 200 MP + 50 MP + 12 MP
  • Front camera: 60 MP
  • battery: 4.500 mAh
  • Charging speed: 125 W cablata, 30W or 50W wireless
  • operating system: Android 12

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