Netflix has a plan for you to switch accounts Atomics



Netflix is ​​currently pursuing various strategies to prevent the public from sharing their subscriptions. Not just a cheap plan with ads, but a move was recently announced to get those who haven’t decided on the path to do so now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is ​​planning to integrate a profile migration for anyone who wants to get their own account without too much hassle. The transfer incorporates your activity within the Service, so you won’t lose a history of content you’ve already viewed or saved to your list for later viewing. Personal settings related to playback are also discussed. This option will be available in different countries once the new plan with ads comes out in certain regions In the case of Mexico, it will be from November 1. On a related note, you can learn more about the new Netflix plans here. Similarly, this is the blockbuster series trailer for this platform.
Editor’s note: Netflix should understand that keeping your profile isn’t the reason to share passwords, but their prices, which have risen significantly in different regions. Surely this purpose will fail. Via: The Hollywood Reporter. The post Netflix has a plan to switch your account appeared first on Atomix.


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