Netflix will have this number of subscriptions with commercial subscriptions


In these last few months, Netflix Searched for a way to reach new audiences through new subscriptions that would be a little cheaper, but that implement advertising in programs. And now that it’s about to expand to more markets, they’ve already estimated the number of people who can join this next paid tier.

The company estimates it will have 40 million visitors for its ad-supported tier. in an article The Wall Street Journal. When news of the release broke in November, fans were skeptical. Some of the suggested prices are as low as $7. However, many will not be so convinced by this conclusion.

For some people, economics will win out when opportunities present themselves. If they can get the service a little cheaper, but have to put up with the ads, they’ll be happy to sit back and watch. Stranger Things, Squid Game o Umbrella Academy. And if it boils down to around $5, it’s clear they can be a little more convincing.

What was this executive? Netflix, Reed HastingsWhen this possibility of implementing advertising was rumored at the beginning of the year:

Anyone who follows Netflix knows I’m against ad complexity and a big fan of the simplicity of subscriptions. But as much as I’m a fan of that, I’m a big fan of consumer choice. And it makes a lot of sense to let consumers who want low prices and put up with ads get what they want. It’s pretty clear that it’s working for Hulu. Disney is doing it, HBO is doing it. We have no doubt that it works.

This payment method has already reached certain regions, so it may expand in the coming days

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