Netflix will make a AAA-sized game




It has been said for a long time Netflix Making its own video games, the title is proof of that Stranger Things which is being developed for virtual reality. And now, a new report would indicate that the development study is still in the works, only now it’s aiming to be a bet AAA.

Netflix A shooter game for seems to be in development pc In his new Los Angeles studio run by the former producer Overwatch and Vice President blizzard, Chako sony.

Report as call Netflix Games Studio Looking for a Game Director with shooting game experience to work on a new AAA title for PC This will apparently be a live service game, as extensive experience is requested in this category. In the end it might match Overwatch.

The job listing calls for future directors to create a world, characters and narrative worthy of a film or TV series. NetflixAnd create games inside unreal the engine. That’s a bit specific, so it could mean they’re going to do a TV show at the same time to promote the game or vice versa.

Currently, there are no further details for this title.

Through: IGN



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