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Silent Hill Session

Among the great catalog of games they announced during the presentation silent hill Yesterday, one of the projects that attracted the most attention AscensionWhich will be an interactive experience that will be transmitted only once via streaming. Thus, more information about this project has been released recently.

Recently, renowned industry insider Dusk Golem interviewed the CEO of Zenvid, a streaming software tool company working on the game, Jacob Navok and the people behind it. Silent Hill Ascension. Basically, Konami will air a mini-series via streamingWhere the public will have the opportunity to make various decisions that will affect the course of history.

The pilot project is in development among Zenvid, Bad Robot, JJ Abrams’ film and television production company, Behavior Interactive, the studio behind Dead by Daylight, and dj2 Entertainment, a production company specializing in video games for television. with this, Some former members of Telltale Games are involved with this title.

Undoubtedly, a very unique experiment that all fans of the series cannot miss, as it will only be available once. unfortunately, There is currently no platform or release date Silent Hill: Ascension. On a related topic, you can check out a comparison between Silent Hill 2 And its remake is here. Likewise, you can learn more about Silent Hill F Here.


Editor’s note:

It looks like the concept of Twitch Plays Pokemon has reached a new level. Considering that we are talking about making decisions in an entire chat, a high level of coordination is required and making this possible will be the biggest challenge for developers.

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