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Today (October 10) is World Mental Health Day 2022 It was announced by the World Federation for Mental Health to draw attention to the importance of mental health Niantic, the world leader in augmented reality technology and developer of Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom, wants to join the petition. Scientific research And the voice from the community is sure – Niantic games cann Make a positive impact in this area through their focus on physical activity and social interaction.

As humans, we are by nature social and have a need for social interaction, whether we realize it or not. Mobile games like Pokémon GO can encourage people to adopt healthy behaviors and have a positive impact on their well-being.”According to Dr. Tanja SH Wingenbach from University of Greenwich, Great Britain The results of their recent research. “Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns have forced us to be less face-to-face, and our research shows how important this social interaction is. It should encourage players and non-players alike to get out and interact with others

Social interaction and exploring nature are at the heart of Niantic’s mission and central to games like Pokémon GO, Pikmin Bloom and Ingress: Prime. Pokemon GO players have explored more than 17 billion miles and made 450 million friends since 2016.

Voices from the Niantic community are also positive: “Both autism and epilepsy have made it extremely difficult for me to be socially and physically active, but Pokemon GO has made it easier to talk to people and walk outside to keep me physically motivated,” said Tommy, UK Pokemon GO trainer. . “As a result, I lost 64 kg in a year, an achievement I never thought possible. I found a confidence that I didn’t have before and I now have people in my life that I would never have without sports.”

For newcomers and returners alike, now is the perfect time to dive into the AR experience. Ingress, Pokemon Go and Pikmin Bloom are regularly updated with content updates, new challenges and various events. So it’s always worth exploring the area with other players.

More information about community members’ scientific findings and statements can be found on Niantic’s official blog:

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